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Rockwood Lithium

Rockwood Lithium
Rockwood Lithium is the world's leading manufacturer of lithium-based compounds and an innovative developer of metal-based fine chemicals for use in specialty applications.

Rockwood's lithium-based compounds are used in a variety of high growth applications, including base chemicals for numerous industries, drug intermediates, elastomers for car tires and rubber soles, lithium batteries, thermoplastic materials and high performance greases. Rockwood has lithium production facilities in the United States, Chile, Germany and Taiwan.

Through its Lithium business, Rockwood develops metal-based chemicals, including metal sulphides, cesium and other special metal products used in chemical processes, in the automotive industry and in many other applications. Rockwood Lithium has a special metals facility at Langelsheim, Germany, and a metal sulphide plant at Arnoldstein, Austria.

Rockwood Lithium facilities comply with international standards, including ISO.

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Rockwood Lithium GmbH
Industriepark Höchst
Gebäude G 879
D-65926 Frankfurt am Main
Tel: +49 69 401260 • Fax: +49 69 4012672000